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This Man Did The Unthinkable To His Roast Dinner And Now It's Gone Viral

This Man Did The Unthinkable To His Roast Dinner And Now It's Gone Viral

First came the cooked breakfast that looked like it had been "cooked in the tumble dryer" and now another 'Rate My Plate' victim is being trolled for his mash-up of two classic British dishes, which looked less than appetising.

Yes, we're all partial to sharing and humble-bragging about restaurant dishes that look the business but 'Rate My Plate' has a new take on the Instagram diet.

The image entitled 'Cold Baked Bean Sunday Roast by Ben H' was shared on the 'Rate My Plate' Facebook group. The group asks its users to share photos of their meals, which are then commented on, reacted to and rated by other members.


The confused looking dish was a roast dinner with parsnips, some shady-looking meat, Yorkshire puddings and some roast potatoes swimming in gravy. But despite comments that it looked like the meat had been cut "with a tin opener" and could be "a dead pigeon" - so far, so safe.

Credit: Facebook/Rate My Plate
Credit: Facebook/Rate My Plate

But the thing that really seems to have triggered the group's followers is the addition of apparently cold baked beans slapped in the middle of it all. That's right, cold baked beans. The type Noel Edmunds might have taken a bath in for Red Nose Day in the nineties.

The group were quick to react to the post which went live on on Sunday and has since stacked up 3.3k reactions (mostly laughing and shocked emojis), 358 shares and 8.5k comments (at the time of writing).

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It's fair to say the comments aren't supporting the chef's culinary ingenuity.

One said: "It's supposed to be beans on toast, not beans on roast"

A second comment read: "Ben, not sure why you've placed the plate on the floor but if it's for your dog, I'm phoning the RSPCA."


A third quipped: "Every item on this plate has turned up to the wrong meeting"

While another summed up the sentiments of the group with: "Baked beans with a roast dinner? What kind of evil sh*thousery is this?!?!"

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Rate My Plate

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