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You Can Now Do A Workout With Your Pooch

You Can Now Do A Workout With Your Pooch

This is woof-worthy news!

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

It's hard enough getting motivated to do a workout at home, especially when we're seriously missing going to the gym with other people, who know JUST the right words to motivate us.

But what if you could do your workout at home with the ultimate mood-boosting friend instead?

Yup, a fitness influencer has created a series of workout moves you can do with your pooch - and we'll be giving these a try ASAP.

Amy Lou Perry and her cockapoo Teddy have created a dog-friendly workout which includes planks, squats and burpees.

So, how exactly does it work?

Amy's workout tips for pets and their owners begins with a move for doing lunges with your dog.

"For this exercise," Amy suggests, "use a treat as a lure to guide your pooch to weave through your legs during each lunge.

"Keeping a treat to their nose will help you achieve this," she adds.

Amy suggests luring your dog with a treat when doing lunges together (
Canine Cottages/Amy Lou Perry)

Next, she suggests trying out a plank with your pooch.

"Whilst in the plank position, alternate your arms and give your furry friend a big high five! Try your best and aim to do this for 60 seconds."

Amy also has a fun way for owners to do squats with their dog and this makes it so much easier, as well as much more fun.

"Whilst standing," Amy says, "cuddle your dog using both arms across their stomach and chest.

"If they are too big, squat whilst holding both your dog's paws so they are on their hind legs for added resistance.

"Warning," Amy adds, "this move can result in lots of dog kisses."

Squat whilst holding both your dog's paws so they are on their hind legs for added resistance, says Amy (
Canine Cottages/Amy Lou Perry)

And we love the idea of combining burpees, by encouraging your dog to jump when you jump and go down when you're in the press-up position.

Amy also suggests trying out the 'wall sit' position, that is by holding on to your dog fo up to a minute (provided he's not too big) for extra weight.

"Alternatively," she adds, "have them stand up and place their paws on your knees."

Finally, Amy and Teddy's push-ups sound MUCH better now that we can include our dogs in the workout.

"Either engaging in a full press up or on your knees," she says. "Encourage your pooch to give you a high five after each press up or, if trained and their size allows you, have them sit on your back for added resistance."

See, the best workout buddy!

Amy Lou Perry teamed up with dog-friendly holidays website Canine Cottages to create the unique workout.

Canine Cottages' Shannon Keary said: "As we head towards the end of lockdown, I think this is such a fun way to spend some special time and have fun with our dogs before we go back to normal life.

"It's also a great way to mix up your fitness regime and add some excitement to it!"

To give the workout a go yourselves, more info can be found here.

Featured Image Credit: Canine Cottages/Amy Lou Perry

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