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People Are Sharing Descriptions Of Their Pets In Five Words And It's So Charming

People Are Sharing Descriptions Of Their Pets In Five Words And It's So Charming

When Twitter users are let loose with a challenge, you can always expect hilarious results.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Don't you just love it when one person's challenge on Twitter catches like wildfire and the sphere goes mad for it?

That is exactly what happened when someone asked people to describe their pet in 5 words - it has been keeping us busy all day.

Most of the responses are hilarious and super cute, leaving us a) lolling and b) wondering where the hell that dog is at we requested on our Christmas list three years ago?

We'd really like to join in the fun. Check these responses out.

One user posted his seriously cute dog wearing a bath cap and said: "Definitely takes bath night seriously #MyPetin5Words".

Meanwhile, another described their cat as self-absorbed and narcissistic - everything we secretly think cats are anyway right? She then took it one step further and pretended to do her cat's voice for added laughs, though points deducted for going over the five word limit.

The user wrote: "Playful self-absorbed narcissistic killer #MyPetin5Words. I'm not her bloody pet I'M HER REASON FOR EXISTENCE."

Jumping in on the trend, a third Twitter user said: "MyPetIn5Words He looks down on me", posting a snap of his cat peering down from a wardrobe.

However, hats really go off to Twitter member Lisa, who has posted the most adorable snap ever of her dog dressed in a matching bobble hat and scarf with mirrored sunnies.

Another post said: "#MyPetin5Words. King Of The Back Yard". LOL.

This dog is sat on his 'iron' throne like an absolute don - serious points for effort. (If you like Game Of Thrones, you'll completely understand, if you haven't seen it, then you should immediately.)

And another user took the opportunity to honour his four legged friend who is no longer with us.

Jumping dramatically from dogs though, Twitter user Elizabeth posted her turtles, who pointed out the long-living creatures would likely outlive her. )Part funny part morbid that they outlive most owners).

Her tweet read: "They'll probably give my eulogy #MyPetIn5Words"

Another post read: "Don't judge my drinking habits #MyPetIn5Words." Far from judgmental, these two mutts look like they're eyeing up that wine - best drink up quick Crystal!

It's not just those pups looking suspicious either, because another user's kitty was looking seriously shifty with her eye patch and gun. Seriously, these are too good.

And we know we said our favourite was the GoT post, but we take it back, the grumpy clown posted by Twitter user Ziggy has got to take the gold medal.

He said of his dog: "The kindest silliest clown ever. #MyPetin5Words."

So how would you describe yours?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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