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You Can Now Get Paid To Cuddle Puppies All Day

You Can Now Get Paid To Cuddle Puppies All Day

Dream job alert!

If your 9-5 behind an office desk is starting to feel a bit draining, then it might be time for a career change - and this new job cuddling puppies (!!) could be perfect for you.

Guide Dogs is looking for their next Canine Science Assistant where part of the role will be looking after, playing with and cuddling the puppies.

Watch a clip below of the guide dog puppies playing:

Aren't they so cute?!

This role is a 12-month contract where you'll be helping the charity’s life-changing work to help people with sight loss live full and independent lives during the four-day working week.

However, candidates need to apply ASAP as the deadline is Sunday 5th December 2021.

Deadline for applications is Sunday 5th December so hurry! (

Whoever is successful with their application will be based at the charity’s National Centre in Leamington Spa, assisting with ensuring that the puppies are set to become the very best guide dogs they can be.

The position is designed to provide support for dog behaviour assessments. Some of the key activities will include: "Getting to know the puppies at seven weeks; watching videos of them to help the charity better understand their personalities and needs; checking in on them as they grow up with their puppy raisers, and meeting up with them as adults to check up on their progress."

These puppies will go on to become the next generation of guide dogs (
Guide Dogs)

Helen Whiteside, Chief Scientific Officer at Guide Dogs, said: “As well as providing other services to enhance the lives of people with sight loss, Guide Dogs breeds and trains more than 1,000 dogs every year. The Canine Science Assistant will support the development and execution of our vital research into dog behaviour, health and wellbeing.

"This important role will be centred around the wellbeing of our puppies: getting to know them, interacting, and engaging with them as they grow up into happy, healthy guide dogs. We’re excited to see the applications and look forward to offering this dream position to a lucky candidate with exceptional research experience.”

You'll be helping these puppies become the best Guide Dogs they can be (Credit; Guide Dogs)
You'll be helping these puppies become the best Guide Dogs they can be (Credit; Guide Dogs)

There are high expectations for the candidate though with the chosen employee will need to have experience of working with or handling animals as well as a degree in a science or an animal behaviour related subject. Those without a relevant degree must have at least two years’ experience working with animals. If you're still interested in being a Canine Science Assistant, then you can apply here.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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