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Primark Drops Cute Mickey Mouse Pet Bed As Part Of Disney Collection

Primark Drops Cute Mickey Mouse Pet Bed As Part Of Disney Collection

The cute Disney pet collection is perfect for your furbaby.

Disney fans, this one's for you. If you've got enough Mickey Mouse merch' of your own then why not buy some for your furbaby, too?

Primark has dropped a Mickey Mouse pet bed, and it's the perfect way to show your adoration for everyone's favourite cartoon mouse.

The cosy looking bed is adorned with a smiling Micky's face, and has red velvet sleeves, while the seat is designed to look like Mickey's dungaree adorned belly.

The best part is when your pooch takes a lie down on the chair it'll look like Mickey's giving it a cuddle. N'awww.

You can buy the pet bed for £15 online and in store.

How cute is this? (

The pet bed joins an already bustling range of Disney animal goods on sale in Primark, including £5 harnesses in pink or grey, adorned with Mickey's face and an alternative pink or grey Mickey Mouse themed pet bed (£15).

You can also treat your pet to a Mickey Mouse pet lead and collar (£5) - also in pink or grey.

Plus, there are multiple £4 pet toys to snag while you're there, too, with Mickey's unmistakable ears incorporated into the design.

Our personal favourite item has to be the pet bandanas, which - you guessed it - are also available in pink and grey colours. They'll set you back just £5, and promise to look utterly adorable on your pooch if you fancy dressing it up for the day.

There are tonnes of other pet products on sale, too (

While you're shopping for your pup, might we suggest a paddling pool might make summer a little more fun for your fluff ball?

Yep, Amazon is selling a doggy sprinkler paddling pool and it's perfect to cool down your pup during the heatwave.

The Splash Sprinkler Pad for dogs is ideal for the hot weather, and features a shallow mat, with added sprinklers which work by attaching to the garden hose.

The sprinkler is available for pups to play with outside (

It's easy to install, too, simply insert the sprinkler into the hose and adjust the pressure to reduce or increase the spray height.

The sprinkler mat is priced at £13.86 and you can snap it up here.

What a spoilt pup you're going to have!

Featured Image Credit: Primark

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