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Warning As Rats Invade Brits' Home Through The Toilet

Warning As Rats Invade Brits' Home Through The Toilet

This is very unnerving.

Rats are getting 'bigger and braver' claim pest control experts.

So much so, that giant rats are even said to be entering people's homes through their toilets.

There are reports of rats entering via the toilet (

Although the adage says that we're never more than six feet away from the rodents (shudder) it's usually pretty rare that we see them regularly.

However, expert Andrew Dellbridge says he's even had to take on extra staff since the pandemic began, to help in the fight against rats in the home. He even claims to have seen some as big as cats.

He told Norwich Evening News: "I was called out to one job in Norwich and the customer could barely speak, she was in so much shock. 

"She'd been using the bathroom and heard a noise. She looked down and it was in the toilet bowl. And this is happening more and more frequently."

Apparently rats are getting bigger (

Andrew explained the rats are getting braver, gaining access via places they wouldn't have previously attempted.

"Because of the throwaway culture we have the rubbish is just piling up and feeding them," he said.

“The bins are overflowing and wild verges are also filling with rubbish." 

And apparently, even cats won't approach some of the rodents, due to their large size.

And unfortunately, there's more bad news. According to the British Pest Control Association, rats can be more common in autumn.

Rats can be more common in autumn (

"As temperatures begin to drop and food becomes scarce, rats will begin looking for shelter and scraps in more urban locations," they explain.

"And as autumn and winter push on, rats start to head indoors. Although usually nocturnal, the need to survive often means they will be spotted during daylight hours in these months, as they become more bold in their search for food and somewhere warm to hide from the chill."

For more info on how to prevent rats, and get help if you spot any around the home, you can find advice on the BPCA website.

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