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You Can Now Get Paid To Play With People's Pets

You Can Now Get Paid To Play With People's Pets

Dream job alert!

Calling all animal lovers! There's now the dream job waiting for you, where you can spend all day cuddling kittens, playing with puppies and even making friends with pet snakes.

Yes, it's an actual job that will PAY you to look after pets. And the salary is £25k per year so not too shabby either!

Think you've got what it takes to look after up to 60 pets at once?! (

Premium raw pet food company Bella & Duke is advertising the vacancy for a full-time Pet and People ‘Park Ranger’. The role will include looking after your pets as their owners come into the office to work.

Bella & Duke has launched the search to fill the dream job role to offer pet support as the brand works towards opening the most pet friendly office in the UK next year. 

You'll be responsible for creating a fun and happy environment for pets (

The role will require a lot of fun with the menagerie of pets the 130 strong team will be bringing to the office, it will also involve learning and supporting with pet wellness and behaviour, creating a culture fit for all creatures and considering best practice and the operational needs of the business. Currently the team has 60 pets so it's bound to be a busy role for the successful applicant!

Duties for the full time role include 'organising agility courses and fun interactive areas for pets to blow off steam' as well as 'working closely with Bella & Duke’s in-house expert behaviourist, Caroline Spencer, to ensure pets are at their happiest when in the office'.

With over 60 animals between the Bella & Duke team, this is one busy dream job! (

CEO of Bella & Duke Mark Scott said the role had been formed as a result of more people bringing their pets into the office when they choose not to work from home. He said: "We hear of companies talking about being pet friendly, but with pet welfare being at the core of what our company does, we wanted to take it one step further and dedicate a specific job role to ensure we go above and beyond for pets in the office."

You've only got until the 20th December to apply so go, go, go! (

He added: "We’re excited to see the applications and look forward to offering this dream position to someone who’s as potty about pets as we are."

You'll need to be speedy too as applications close on 20th December via their website.

Now where do we sign up?!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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