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Dog Owner Issues Warning As Pet Dies Of Brain Damage After Walk In Hot Weather

Dog Owner Issues Warning As Pet Dies Of Brain Damage After Walk In Hot Weather

Laura Kyle has warned of the dangers of walking your dog in the hot weather after the death of her French Bulldog.

We all know the hot weather can be really hard on animals, but one woman has issued an urgent warning about just how dangerous it can really be.

Dog owner Laura Kyle, 32, has shared the horrifying story of how her pet French Bulldog tragically passed away after a walk in the heat.

Betty the pooch had been out for a walk near Livingston, Scotland, on Thursday, 15th July, when she developed brain damage as a result of the hot weather.

According to the Daily Record, although Betty was completely fine while walking with beautician Laura, and her other dog - a pug named Frank - things went downhill when the pup returned home.

Poor Betty suffered from heatstroke (

Laura gave both the dogs water and left them for a while, only to find poor Betty was limp and unconscious when she checked on her later that afternoon.

She swiftly took Betty to the vets, who then informed her that the French Bulldog had been suffering from heatstroke, which had left her brain damaged.

Heartbreakingly, Betty had to be put to sleep not long after this, to avoid any more suffering.

“I was so close to her, I loved my dog so much, my dogs are the only things that keep me going," a grief-stricken Laura told the Daily Record.

“It’s because she was a wee rescue dog with cherry eyes, and that made me love her even more.

“I’ve had her for about two and a half years, and she had a few owners before me and I don’t understand why because she was amazing.

Betty suffered brain damage (

“It’s totally scarred me for life, she was such an amazing wee dog with so much love to give and she will be very sadly missed."

She added: “When I first got her, I could tell she was terrified of life, she would cower away and didn’t even know her name, her claws were so big she could barely walk.

“It’s just absolutely gutting.”

Dog owners must be careful in the heat (

Laura is now pleading with other dog owners to ensure they check their pets regularly in the hot weather.

She added that there were "no warning signs" in Betty's case, so owners really do have to be extra vigilant.

According to the RSPCA, it's best to walk your dog in the morning or evening, when it's cooler and heatstroke is less of a risk, as is burning paws on the ground.

You can read more tips on how to care for dogs in the hot weather via the RSPCA here.

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